GRP and CFRP pultrusion

VELLO NORDIC AS is a leading company in pultrusion technology, and has been manufacturing composite products since 1965. The company has participated in a number of advanced development projects, and thereby extending the use of fibre-reinforced composite materials into new applications. Our aim is that innovative product and technology development shall generate competitive advantages for our customers. One of the most important property of VELLO'S pultrusion technology, is the opportunity for tailoring material combinations to meet the requirements and specifications for the final product.

VELLO NORDIC AS has the following business areas:                   

  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Building industry
  • Custom made profiles
  • Electrical fiberglass profiles

VELLO NORDIC AS is owned by the Spilka-group.


The use of fibre-reinforced composite profiles is rapidly increasing in several areas, and the demand for new optimised properties requires a high level of expertise. VELLO co-operates closely with the leading producers of raw materials, and based on its know-how and experience, the company is a preferred partner in the development of new products.

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Vello Nordic is one of the leading actors in composite profile production. Read more about the company and history, click here


Vello Nordic has been manufacturing composite products since 1965, and is a leading company in pultrusion technology.

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