About us

Company history

VELLO NORDIC AS has been manufacturing products in fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP & CFRP) materials since 1965, both in cold-/hot pressing and SMC/BMC pressing. In 1972, the company started developing an advanced form of the Pultrusion-process. The result of this development is known today as the Nordic Pultrusion Technology.

Since 1975, VELLO has manufactured and delivered more than 45 pultrusion machines and production technology all over the world.

Today VELLO is one of the leading actors in composite profile production. Based on process technology and industry experience, the company has participated in a number of development projects, and thereby extended the use of fibre-reinforced composite materials into new applications. Our current focus markets are : Oil & Gas Industry, and Building industry. In addition to these markets, we also deliver to several other industries and applications.



By using GRP and CFRP it is possible to create advanced composite materials with properties such as high mechanical strength, low weight and high thermal insulation. Further the material is maintenance free, has excellent dimensional stability and high corrosion and chemical resistance.


Pultrusion is a continuous production process for manufacturing fibre reinforced composite profiles. The reinforcement, consisting of "roving" and "mats", are pulled through a die where the fibres are impregnated by resin, heated and cured in the required shape. The profile is structurally stable and ready for further processing immediately after leaving the die.

The process enables very complex shapes to be produced.