We are

A leading company in pultrusion technology

Since 1970 Vello has participated in a number of development projects and thereby extended the use of fibre-reinforced composite materials into new areas.

One of the most important properties of Vello`s pultrusion technology is the opportunity to tailor material combinations to meet the requirements and specifications for the final product.

Our not-so-secret plan: Create sustainable and innovative solutions for a better world

As pioneers in the pultrusion of fiberglass products, we are dedicated to advancing material sustainability and production innovation. Our fiberglass materials are chosen for their durability and environmental friendliness, supporting a greener industry. Through our state-of-the-art pultrusion technique, we push the boundaries of efficiency and quality, setting new standards in the industry.

Our products are integral to numerous eco-friendly projects, enhancing infrastructure while upholding social and economic responsibility. With a wealth of experience in the design and production of industry-leading products, we excel in energy efficiency, fire safety, and durability. Explore how our commitment to excellence has positioned us as a premier manufacturer of quality products, driving a more efficient, safer, and functional world.

Advancing products, processes and solutions

Composites are materials that are comprised of strong load-carrying fibre reinforcement embedded in a polymer, known as matrix. The reinforcement results in a very strong and rigid material at very low weight, and the matrix can be combined in many different ways in order to meet specific requirements.

Pultrusion is a continuous production process and for the deepest wells Vello has produced carbon rods in world leading lengths of over 12500 meters.