Vello is offering a wide range of products within pultrusion technology, along with products tailored to the specific needs of every client.

One of the most important properties of our pultrusion technoloy is the opportunity to tailor material combinations to meet the requirements and specifications for the final product.

Our specialists work closely with customers across a broad range of sectors, including:

Are you curious about maximizing the performance of your windows, doors, or other construction applications?

Composites provide efficient solutions in various applications, spanning from wind turbine blades and solar farms to carbon composite rods for the oil industry. 

Promote consistent network connectivity with durable, radiotransparent composite solutions.

A wide range of applications from composite lighting masts for airports, to corrosion-resistant glass fiber cabinets designed for electrical, signal, gas, or combined solutions.

Why Composites?

Composites offer distinct advantages compared to conventional materials like steel, aluminum, wood, or concrete. These advantages stem from the distinctive properties of the composite material itself and our capability to modify its components, thereby altering the characteristics of the end product. As a result, composites provide many advantageous physical properties and great design flexibility. The benefits of composites include:

High mechanical strength

Corrosion resistant

High thermal insulation


Environmental benefits

Fire resistance