Special Profiles

Composites are materials that are comprised of strong load-carrying fibre reinforcement embedded in a polymer, known as matrix. The reinforcement results in a very strong and rigid material at very low weight, and the matrix can be combined in many different ways in order to meet specific requirements.

Pultrusion is a process that enables continuous production of composite profiles with constant cross sections and material properties tailored to specific purposes. The method enables very complex shapes to be produced, and ensures consistent quality that can be reproduced.

Properties such as high stiffness, superior mechanical strength to weight ratio, low thermal conductivity and unsurpassed corrosion resistance are highly valued in development of new solutions.

Applications within the energy industry

Pultrusion is a continuous production process and for the deepest wells Vello has produced carbon rods in world leading lengths of over 12500 meters.
  • Carbon fibre cables with various cores such as electrical conductors, fibre optics etc. for operations such as well intervention, monitoring and lifting.
  • Carbon fibre profiles as strengthening member in umbilicals and flexible pipes for deep water installations.
  • Intake trash rack for hydropower and nuclear energy plants.

Applications within the building industry

Composite materials have steadily gained ground in nearly all industry sectors – inclusive the building and construction industry – where the fundamental properties of composites offer benefits over conventional materials.

Examples of such applications are:

  • facade profiles
  • roof gutters
  • structural profiles
  • antenna covers
  • electrical insulators and cabinets

Applications within interior products and consumer goods

The pultruded profiles can be painted in any color, foiled or have a wooden finnish. The low thermal conductivity also makes it warm to touch while long lasting and easy to clean. 

These benefits have been used in products such as:

  • beds for home nursing
  • window profiles
  • thresholds