Corrosion-resistant GRP – ideal for use in wastewater treatment facilities

Glass fiber composites is an excellent choice for difficult environments where traditional materials will have corrosion problems.

VA Teknik, a part of Hydria Water in Sweden, have therefore chosen pultruded glass fiber profiles for their plastic chain scraper. The plastic chain scraper is a proven product that has been on the market for more than 40 years with thousands of installations in all corners of the world.

The plastic scraper is used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, river water treatment plants, refineries, desalination plants, food and dairy industries and in pulp and paper mills. Fiberglass reinforced plastic and the sigma shaped profile of the flights makes it more corrosion resistant, rigid, strong and flexible to resist high sludge loads without compromising the safe operation. The unique sigma profile gives the scraper a natural high durability and rigidity which is incomparable with others. No additional reinforcing plates or additives are needed to establish that.

This product is a typical example where a close cooperation between the customer’s product knowledge and Vello’s manufacturing and material expertise is important to find the profile’s shape, wall thickness and reinforcements. VA Teknik and Vello is continuously working to improve the scraper with new materials and reinforcements. Vello produces these profiles in continuous lengths and can cut and machine the profiles at the customer’s request.