Fiberglass radomes designed to envelop and safeguard advanced antennas

Normarc Instrument Landing Systems by Indra have been an industry benchmark for more than 20 years. Well over 200,000,000 safe landings have been carried out with help from Normarc ILS at nearly 1400 airports worldwide. The Normarc ILS has been installed at Sydney, Beijing, Johannesburg, Geneva and London Heathrow to mention a few.

The Normarc ILS is manufactured through their subsidiary Normeka AS and Vello has since the beginning delivered the fiberglas radomes that cover and protect the sophisticated antennas from ice, snow or sand in the Normark ILS system. Fiberglas is transparent for radiowaves and pultrusion offers a cost-effective manufacturing method for detailed profiles.

The profiles are produced in continuous lengths, cut to length, machined and then coated before they are shipped to Normeka AS for assembly of the mast.