Composite Thresholds

Vello composite thresholds are made of fibreglass reinforced thermoset resin. The threshold gives the door an elegant look and major door manufacturers are converting from aluminium and hardwood to composite thresholds. The threshold is suitable for all kinds of doors in any material and is used in a large variety of entrance and balcony doors. 

Based on Vello Nordic’s advanced pultrusion technology, the shape and look of the threshold can be tailored to meet the customer`s design.

Why composite thresholds?

There are many properties that make the Vello Composite Threshold superior to aluminum and wood.

  • High strength
  • High stiffness
  • Low weight
  • Excellent thermal stability and insulation properties will minimize the heat loss
  • Resistant to moisture and prevents decomposition 
Standard or customized design
Some customers choose to use our standard threshold, which is adapted to the requirements of handicap-fitted houses and buildings, while other prefer their own design. Vello works in close co-operation with the customer to develop the optimal solution.

The thresholds can be pre-cut and drilled in our factory, a CNC-machine is used for more advanced operations. 

Additionally, we offer the option to pre-assemble sealing strips and insulation, ensuring that the threshold is prepared for direct assembly onto the door frame.