Window and Door Frames

Vello pultruded profiles for window and door frames provide producers efficiency and long lasting quality.

By using glass reinforced plastic (GRP) it is possible to create a composite material with high strength and low weight. The material is corrosion resistant, maintenance free and has excellent dimensional stability.

A particular area of expertise for us involves intricate profiles with numerous details.

High dimensional stability

The coefficient of expansion of glass fibre reinforced polyester profiles is very low and almost identical to that of float glass. Expansion and contraction with changing temperatures is minimal and the profiles retain their stiffness at high temperatures.

Low thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of the material is very low and GRP insulates better than any of the more traditional window and door materials.
High strength to weight ratio
GRP is used to replace steel in many applications due to its high strength to weight ratio. Due to its high strength further profile reinforcement is unnecessary and it is therefore a excellent choice for heavier 3 pane windows and exterior doors.
Compatible with other materials

You can make the entire window from GRP profiles or you can combine the profiles with traditional window and door materials such as wood or aluminium to achieve maximum user benefits.

Multiple finishing options

The profiles can be coloured in the pultrusion process, painted in virtually any colour in our own profile painting facilities or foiled to give a textured finnish.

High corrosion resistance

GRP fibre profiles are not only maintenance free,they are also well suited for use in corrosive industrial environment, being resistant to most corrosive liquids and gases.


Is a continuous production process for manufacturing fibre reinforced composite profiles. The reinforcement consisting of «roving» and «mats» and are pulled through a die where the fibres are impregnated by resin, heated and cured in the required shape. The profile is structurally stable and ready for further processing immediately after leaving the die.

New Technology
By employing state of the art proprietary pultrusion technology, VELLO is capable of pultruding thin walled profiles with complex shapes at high speed. As a result GRP profiles have now become a competitive alternative to traditional materials in the door and window industry.
Easy to machine
By using diamond edged or carbide cutting blades and drill bits, GRP profiles can be processed in much the same way as the window and door materials you are used to.